Harry Hou

Harry Hou


Name:Harry Hou
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1-2
Description: Tall & Slender, Short-Haired Brown Tabby
Personality: Talkative, affectionate, confused & comical, the awkward cat

Harry Hou was a stray cat from Concord who was brought to CARE because the person who fed him was hospitalized, and wanted to make sure that he was being looked after. When he first came to CARE, Harry missed his stray lifestyle terribly, and desperately wanted to go back outside. He was so determined that he managed to escape out of his cage AND what we had previously considered our catproof window (and hence his name... after Harry Houdini!). Luckily he did not wander far, and willingly came back inside for a tasty treat. He has become much more content with his indoor lifestyle, but is still fascinated by windows. He is a very athletic and coordinated cat, and would do best in a home with cat trees and tall things to climb and perch on.

Harry Hou is one adorably confused cat! He definitely has not figured out how to express himself through appropriate cat language. Sometimes he growls and purrs at the same time while nuzzling his head into your hands for a petting. He also growls when picked up, but has never made one aggressive move on a person (not even a swat). He loves receiving affection, and will gently headbutt your forhead to show his love. Harry is probably one of the world's most talkative cats, and he is loud! If you want an interactive cat who will always answer you, he is your perfect friend. He also has quite a comical meow!

Harry also has not figured out how to interact with other cats. He behaves very much like the awkward kid in the playground who really wants to play with the other kids, but just doesn't know how. Whenever other cats are playing or fighting, Harry comes scurrying as close as he can and watches intently from the corner. He doesn't know how to react when another cat approaches him though, so he hisses, flails around his arms, gives his saber toothed tiger growl, and retreats to a safe alcove. It may take a slow introduction, but he will probably find his place in a multiple cat home. His interactions with other cats are quite fascinating to watch! If you are interested in adopting Harry Hou, fill out an application here and we'll be in touch!

Harry Hou Harry Hou Harry Hou