Name: Jack
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 2-3
Description: Tubby, Short-Haired Black & White Cat
Personality: Playful, affectionate, womanizer, alpha male
Other: Jack is best friends with Annie but would be pretty happy by himself with enough attention, or with another female cat.

Jack was originally a feral cat known as “the beast” who needed to be removed from a feral/stray cat feeding site in South Boston because he terrorized the other cats and dominated the food supply. When he first arrived at CARE, he was so ferociously feral that we thought it would be impossible to rehabilitate him, and proceeded to prepare him for a TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program. We therefore had his left ear ‘tipped’ (tip of the ear clipped off) when he was anesthesized for his neuter surgery, so that he could easily be identified as an already neutered male upon release. However, he quickly turned into the most affectionate and lovable cat at CARE!

He is now the cat the follows around volunteers non-stop and solicits affection. If the volunteer is busy, he WILL find a way to get pet, even if he has to nuzzle the person's shoes, arms, face, or elbow himself! He is always by your feet, and can be a bit of a trip hazard. Even though he came in a very skinny cat, Jack has nurtured his love for food and has tipped himself over on the obesity scale. One thing that Jack didn't get out of his system from his feral days, is his alpha male personality. He DOES NOT get along with other masculine cats, and will attack them to show them who's boss.

Jack is quite the Romeo at the Adoption Office! He goes around kissing and licking all of the other female cats that will allow him to do so. He is particularly fond of Annie, and the two of them are now inseperable. They wrestle and play with each other (sometimes a bit roughly) all day long, and Jack looks a bit like a sumo wrestler when he's on top of Annie. They also kiss, lick, and clean each other before settling down for naps. The two of them are such great friends and complement each other very well too! Jack is the lap cat, and Annie is the adventurous playful mischief. If you are interested in adopting Jack or both of them, fill out an application here and we'll be in touch!

Jack Jack